Paper Art Show UK – Bath Life Magazine Feature Nahoko Kojima

Paper Art: UK Artist Bath Life Nahoko Kojima Art Holburne Museum
Paper Art: Japanese Artist Nahoko Kojima featured in BathLife Magazine

Paper Art Solo Show: Honey by Nahoko Kojima

Paper Art: Nahoko Kojima Press: Bath Life Magazine did a Feature on Nahoko Kojima’s new solo show of Paper Art at the Holburne Museum alongside an exhibition on Gold from the Queen’s Royal Collection ahead of it’s opening this weekend from 24 October 2015 until 24 January 2016. It was tagged with a ‘Bath Life Loves’ badge:

Japanese paper-cut artist Nahoko Kojima is renowned for creating intricate, floating three-dimensional sculptures from a single sheet of paper, which she cuts by hand. Her previous work includes Cloud Leopard – selected by the Crafts Council to be shown at Collect at the Saatchi Gallery in 2012 – and now she’s embarking on a new golden piece, Honey Bee, for the Holburne Museum. Her incredible works often feature pioneering techniques and in 2013 a life-size polar bear entitled Byaku, cut from a single sheet of Japanese washi paper, took a painstaking seven months to create. “Every time I like to face new challenges and make pieces that the viewer can enjoy and make them smile,” she says. Prepare to be dazzled.


Nahoko Kojima Paper Cut Artist Japanese Paper Cut Art Sculpture - Honey 切り絵

Paper Art Sculpture pictured above entitled ‘Honey’ was exhibited at the Show. This is in the style of Nahoko Kojima’s unique Paper Cut Sculpture. The Paper Artist is renowned for her sculptural development of Japanese Kirie (切り絵),