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Top Artist Paper Cut Sculpture Nahoko Kojima ArtPrize2014

Nahoko Kojima Voted Top 5 by over 290,000 Americans.

Nahoko Kojima showed A Series of three Handmade Japanese Paper Cut Sculptures for ArtPrize 2014.

CLOUD LEOPARD (2012) Life-Sized Cloud Leopard sculpture cut by hand from only one 2m x 2m Sheet of Black Paper, unveiled at the Saatchi Gallery, London UK.

BYAKU (2013) Life-Sized Polar Bear Sculpture cut by hand from only one 3m x 3m Sheet of White Japanese Washi Paper which toured across UK.

WASHI (2014) Life-Sized Bald Eagle cut by hand from only one 3m x 3m Sheet of Black Japanese Washi Paper.

Washi was never before seen anywhere and unveiled at the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum. The pieces took almost two years to create from concept to cutting and hanging. Eight days were needed to hang the pieces in the Ford Museum.